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Ian Love

Ian Love's musical career has changed almost as much as his life has. Hailing from New York City, Ian has been obsessed with music since his teenage days in the popular New York punk/hardcore band Burn. While things at this time were going great for him musically, drugs and hard drinking almost took everything away. After spending time in rehab, he was able to straighten his life out and explore the musical landscape again. From working live sound in NYC clubs to traveling the world, Ian soaked in all kinds of great music, which ultimately led him to forming Rival Schools alongside Walter Schreifels (from the seminal bands Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand). While in Rival Schools, Ian played huge venues and festivals throughout the U.S., Europe, and Japan. While that might seem it would take all of a person's energy, Ian was still able to write new material and start another enormously successful band, Cardia.

And now Ian has decided to move into an entirely new phase of his musical career by writing and self-recording a solo album inspired by his life experiences, which was completely redefined by the recent birth of his daughter. The result is a magnificent album that captures the beauty and power of the music that has he has shaped, as well as everything that has shaped him.


Ian Love

Debut self-titled full length album by Ian Love. Recorded at home, mastered by Nathan James of Jigsaw Sound.

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