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Jonah Matranga

Jonah Matranga and his art are essentially unclassifiable. His music lies somewhere in between Elliott Smith, U2 and Cheap Trick, but it doesnt really fit into any genre. Over the last 15 years, hes fronted hard rock bands (Far, Gratitude) and made classic indie records (onelinedrawing, New End Original). Hes made records with budgets ranging from $300 to $300,000. Jonah has influenced artists from Deftones to Blink-182, but he sounds nothing like either of them. Hes toured with artists from The Weakerthans to Sepultura, and has respect from people all over the music world. Hes recently turned up on hip-hop records from Fort Minor and Lupe Fiasco. Jonah has played as many house shows as he has huge festivals, and he brings the same thing regardless of where hes playing accomplished, ambitious songwriting, an abundance of wit and honesty, and an interest in making something new every time. There is no one quite like Jonah.



A full length solo effort from Jonah Matranga.

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