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Life In Pictures

Life in Pictures formed in early 2000. The band manifested out of the local punk rock scene in tiny Prescott, Arizona. The tight knit community and the DIY ethics of punk, fused with their love of heavy music, has enabled LIP to become a passionate and hardworking metal act. The band has done numerous tours of the western United States and constantly plays local and regional shows in Arizona and California.

In August 2003 LIP released a 5-song EP on Limekiln records. In July/August they toured the entire United States in support of the EP playing shows from Colorado to Ohio, from New York down to Florida, across Texas and up the west coast to Seattle. The EP has sold out of the first pressing and continues to do well through internet retailers and personal sales.

Life In Pictures has played with many notable acts such as: Converge, Cave In, As I Lay Dying, Every Time I Die, Darkest Hour, Himsa, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, The Bled, Champion, Embrace Today, Where Eagles Dare, Eighteen Visions, Curl Up and Die, and Hopesfall.

The band is currently recording a full length album entitled, "by the sign of the spyglass", to be released on Clockwork Recordings in spring 2005. The album will be the debut release of the San Diego label headed by, Tim Lambesis, the lead singer of the acclaimed metalcore quintet As I Lay Dying. Life In Pictures plans to tour relentlessly in support of the album this summer and will be actively touring and playing in full force for the remainder of the year.

Life In Pictures is a group of ambitous and anxious individuals who have devoted their lives to playing music. The band has shaped the lives of its members and has created a lifelong bond between the music and the musicians. There is no end in sight.


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Songs from the Sawmill

Songs From the Sawmill is the latest EP from Life In Pictures, and, basically, it is a mixture of metal, hardcore, with a little punk thrown in for good measure. There is some very talented stuff being tossed around on this disc. You will find the guitars will follow the percussion, and then zoom off only to fall exactly back into place, seamlessly. Buildups and breakdowns come at just the right points to break up the songs and keep you guessing as to what is coming next, causing this EP to be anything but predictable. Lyrically the disc is deeply political, with commentary ranging from the soul-crushing effects of consumerism, to the world’s growing apathy toward human tragedy.

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