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Everything is Chrome in the Future


From Jordan Baker at

This release is pretty impressive, especially considering how big a sound this band has, being only a three-piece. METROPLEX remind me heavily of a mix between the swiftness of LIFETIME and the scratchy, heartfelt vocals of HOT WATER MUSIC. Sharp, but not overly polished production allows these guys to push forward with a decent thump, even during some of the most passive moments. A few stabs are raw aggression break through the solid agenda, which surely helps METROPLEX from becoming somewhat monotnous. Stark, expressive lyrics fit the style of the band, furthering the comparisons to HOT WATER MUSIC, as more than just in music, but in spirit and soul. At 41 minutes long, "Everything is Chrome in the Future," is a tad deep for just 10 songs, however, the final track takes up a good chunk of that, pushing eight minutes. The artwork and overall packaging design is ultra slick, and worthy of oogling over. Not a bad thing at all to say about this release...

From J-Sin at

Invoking thoughts of early Grade, Metroplex flexes its indie rock muscles and takes us on a journey back to the era of The Cars with their insightful lyrics and almost-hollow vocals. Soaring guitars are ubiquitous throughout this album and the low-end pushes the envelope with the drumming on point. Occasionally there are some real standouts with the depressing “Monday Morning” taking the cake. The aptly titled “Acoustic” is no brainbuster lyrically but its post-emo influx is a showcase all its own. Not mediocre in any sense but in a crowded music scene this won’t turn many heads—yet.