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Renee Heartfelt

When every underground band seems slave to hype and fashion, its refreshing to listen and watch something that cuts through all the pretense and simply moves you. Renee Heartfelt play music oblivious to changing trends and hipster inclination. They are a group of guys motivated by a love of playing music, because it's what they do best. So there's no need to manufacture passion and sincerity live and on record- it's inherent in every wrought vocal and slicing riff.

Renee Heartfelt capture the essence and power of 1990s post-hardcore and expand upon it. When listening to Magdalene you hear echoes of groups like Texas Is the Reason, Quicksand and Elliott. Those influences are esoteric groups to masses, but to the few who poured over their lyrics and sang along, they remain luminaries.

The melodic rock sound of the group is a new approach for the members. Singer and guitarist Peter Appleby played in Virginia Hardcore Heroes Count Me Out, and began Renee Heartfelt as a side project to exercise his more melodic instincts. He quickly enlisted drummer Colin Kimble an ex-member of Give Up the Ghost/ American Nightmare, and completed the lineup with guitarist Mike Stankovich, and bassist Aaron Barth both of HC favorites Striking Distance.


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Magdalene EP

From the frenetic bounce of “The Melodramatic”, to the emotive release of “Picasso”Magdalene is tight, memorable and passionate without being over-indulgent. Its five powerful songs that take nods from the past but push forward with urgency and relevance.

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