Limekiln Records



Up Up Down Down

Perris, CA


From Michael at

Up Up Down Down… is one of those bands I believe can do anything. Their debut album, And Nothing Is #1, is a technical and challenging, yet user-friendly masterpiece. It’s full of odd timed, punk tinged, emath that is powerful enough to send tingles up the most jaded spine. It was good enough to land them a new record deal with Limekiln Records (who re-released their debut) and gain them legions of fans that are hungry for more. Fortunately, Up Up Down Down has put their minds to it and answered the call. Perris, CA, their new EP, picks up where their debut left off and gives a nice taste of where the New Jersey quartet is headed.

They still have the knack for writing songs you can’t help but sing along with but there’s more to it. Songs such as “Come Away” and “Strike 2” fuck with your ear and dare you to try and keep up with their odd rhythms and numerous tempo changes. The vocals, surprisingly, are better thanks to some higher caliber production and the constricted yelling found on their debut is kept to a minimum. But what is left is less strained, more melodic and put to better use. This new EP also brings some expansion on their standard rock set up. The addition of other strings, namely cello and violin, to the more conventionally timed tunes of the EP, “Them All” and “Please Come To Me”, sounds a little strange within the context of the other songs, but also reveals even more talent up their seemingly endless sleeves. Like I said, I believe these guys can do anything and this EP further supports my belief. I just can’t wait to hear what their inventive minds come up with next.

From J-Sin at

First off cool packaging and awesome cd artwork. So kudos to Limekiln Records for putting that together. Now Up Up Down Down is to indie rock what a dollar is to the economy—absolutely essential. The vocals are so good they’ll make you cry. And here I thought their last album was the best thing that these guys could possibly muster. Well they reached down deep for this EP and came up with five songs that are absolutely essential for anyone that likes music period. Songs like “Come Away” are industrious and will be influencing artists for decades.